What Are the Items You Must Not Toss In a Dumpster?

Before starting to do your property cleaning out, home remodeling, or office renovation projects, there are a few items that you must know that you should never put in your roll-off dumpster. Yes, dumpster rental service providers will deliver the roll-off dumpster you rented directly to your place and they will be picking the unit up as soon as it’s already filled. However, there are still regulations in terms of what you should and should not throw in your units. Below is a list of the items that you should refrain from being in your dumpster rental: 


Your old clunky monitor and home computer that you want to dispose of should never be put into a dumpster. Monitors and computers don’t just have toxins with them, you basically have your financial details and personal information on its hard drive. And you will be doomed once a skilled hacker will see your computer sticking out of your dumpster. If this happens, your confidential details could possibly be compromised.  Other manufacturers of computers will get your computer back free of charge. However, if you do this, guarantee that you’ve already wiped out and deleted all your personal information.  


Batteries should never be placed in landfills since they are full of toxic materials. If you really want to dispose of them off, you can search for companies that would take old batteries to have them dispose and recycle them for you. Contact one before you take all the batteries you have for them so that you can properly package them. 

Automotive fluids 

Engine coolant, transmission fluid, and old motor oil cannot be placed into your units. Similar to how you should approach batteries, it would be best to look for certain companies that accept oil that needs to be recycled.  

Solvents and paints 

These are types of liquids that can be absorbed into the groundwater and eventually contaminates your landfill once they are placed in it. A lot of superfund cleanup areas are because paints are disposed of in the ground. 


Box springs and mattresses aren’t allowed to be put in your roll-off unit. Make sure to research about disposing of such items.  

Appliances and tires 

Tires and massive appliances, such as dishwashers and stoves, are not really prohibited to be disposed of. However, because of these heavy items, your roll-off dumpster could surpass its weight limit and this can make you pay additional costs. 

Now, you should start considering the things that you plan to throw into your dumpster unit first before you do it. If you do this, you can possibly save some bucks and you can also help the environment at the same time. It will be a win-win situation.  

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